Monday, August 27, 2012

TaTi Titanium SeatPost by Demonchaux (タティデモーショチタンシートポスト)

Demonchaux TaTi Seatpost

Be kind to your backbone! This will smooth up your riding experience whatever the type of bike you ride.

Smooth Design
Full Titanium made
TaTi seatpost absorbs road vibrations.

Rider weight limited to 100kg

Grade 9 Titanium Saddle Clamp parts
Grade 5 Titanium Seamless Tube.

27.2 /31.6mm x 350mm
Weight: 210gr

Titanium Mat finish with polished logo.
Made to last.

Designed in Japan. デモーショチタンシートポスト。 グレード9 サドルクランプ 。 グレード5 シームレス·チューブ。

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