Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Demonchaux StreetFighter (Titanium Bike)

Design inspired by old bikes and cars and was thinking of a all mighty kind of bike.

A bicycle that you can do almost anything with it, ride it on road, off road, crash it, scratch it, commute with it... Something built to last, simple.

Why Titanium? Because it is the best. Change the handlebar with a drop bar and slick tires, you have a fast bike. Change the handlebar with a Raiser Mountain bike bar and you go trail riding. I present you the New Demonchaux bike: Streetfighter.

26" wheels size for more strength and comfort.
This wheel size offer a easy handling and cornering around the city and on trails path.
Disc brakes offer the best braking performance under any weather conditions.

The bike is offered as single speed or gear hub type (8 or 11 speeds)
Keeping its look simple.

Price? The Streetfighter starts at 320.000 yen.

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