Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wood bike

End of January a local wood furniture company asked me to help them create a wood bike for a Eco-friendly themed design show.

The challenge was to use local grown wood, Cedar, which would be 3cm thick for strength purpose and not bendible.
The bike had to look like a bicycle with a single crown (not a double crown like motorbike or Dh bikes)
And finally, the bike had to be delivered on Feb.15th and able to be ridden.

As time was short on hands, we skipped the brakes and made it a fixie wood bike.

Nearly everything has been custom built, custom hubs, wood wheels, custom steel lugged style wood fork (massive look) custom headtube, custom BB shell & seat tube piece, custom drop outs...Custom hand carved wood saddle and wooden MKS pedals.

The Hollowtech Crankset has also been rectified with a longer axle.

See more detailed pictures of the completed bike here

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